January 19, 2020

Bank offers credit without home visit.

Would you like to make a statement with your search for credit without a home visit? Do you want to make it clear that you prefer to avoid gossipy types of representatives and protect your privacy?

We introduce you to the options that lead to a loan without personal contact with advisors. We would like to specifically encourage you in your wish not to accept a home visit for a credit meeting.

Home visit credit – modern credit

Home visit credit - modern credit

Credit without a home visit is nothing more than a normal online loan. In the banking industry, personal meetings with advisors, be it a house bank or a credit broker, have long been superfluous. Modern credit is offered online, all information and even the money are available digitally. The only “analog” need arises when approved credit comes out of the machine as cash.

For the vast majority of all borrowers, the clear turning away from traditionally human decisions regarding credit requests has only advantages. Credit programs recognize good or excellent credit ratings independently. They switch all traffic lights for lending to the green light at the speed of light. Fast credit, where the money would be available in real time, is no longer a dream of the future.

People with good or excellent credit ratings do not have to look specifically for a loan without a home visit. Almost every credit request can be fulfilled online long ago without leaving home or receiving unwanted visits. Usage is, with a good credit rating, the credit through the current account in real time. The credit available in 24 hours as an on-demand loan. But, also installment loan. It would be legally possible to apply, be decided and paid within 48 hours.

Who grants decided credit fully automatically?

Who grants decided credit fully automatically?

Almost all credit institutions have now switched to credit rating by score, online loan offers, quick automatic credit decision with immediate payment. Suitable regular loan offers can be found easily via free loan comparisons on the Internet. Simply enter the loan amount and term, and an offer overview will appear. It is already sorted according to interest rates.

With just a click of the mouse, detailed information on lending is available. Alternatively, a loan application can be made immediately. A program pre-checks the loan request in real time and issues the preliminary loan approval. If a videoident has been requested, the phone rings within 30 minutes via Skype. The ID check and review of the documents takes less than 5 minutes.

The final credit check takes place electronically. Payments are made on the next booking day. The system of automatic credit decisions largely excludes risky borrowings that could exceed personal performance. If there is the slightest doubt about the creditworthiness or repayment ability, the system issues a nicely worded loan rejection. This is the only way to make today’s low interest rates possible.

What do representatives come to for credit requests?

What do representatives come to for credit requests?

Unfortunately, people whose creditworthiness does not qualify them to be able to take advantage of regular loan offers without any problems must specifically look for credit without a home visit. It is precisely the group of people that the loan program rejects. The advice, please speak personally with a customer advisor, if it comes from a bank itself, is not critical. Behind the request is a polite form of loan rejection.

Even a real offer of help would be conceivable if the bank suggests a consultation. Providing the loan with additional collateral could lead to secure lending. If the personal creditworthiness is insufficient, a surety or co-applicant could make the regular low-interest loan possible without a home visit. If the rejected applicant does not respond, the bank does not ask a second time. Only solvent borrowers are interesting for regular credit institutions.

This raises the question, why do representatives come to the house visit? To put it bluntly, first and foremost to sell something. This can be a special loan, but also an insurance or a savings contract if the creditworthiness is poor. In very problematic cases, perhaps a loan reorganization with costs. It is often not a question of real assistance, but of pure commission. What the commission is paid for is secondary.

Problem loan without home visits – avoid credit intermediaries?

Problem loan without home visits - avoid credit intermediaries?

Not every loan brokerage offer is based on unfair business practices. Offering credit without a home visit even distinguishes serious credit intermediaries. Good Credit would be a positive example of traditional credit brokerage.

When it comes to modern forms of mediation, such as personal credit, the name Good Finance can stand for seriousness. Characteristic for Good Finance and Best Lender is the freedom from media scandals since its inception.

Classic loan brokerage – without home visits

Classic loan brokerage - without home visits

Good Credit has been offering credit without a home visit according to the classic concept of arranging credit for 40 years. Good Credit works closely with around 20 credit banks. The majority of the providers are likely to be the same providers that any reputable representative would approach after their home visit. Home visits and intensive queries can be avoided in even difficult ones, since all relevant information was requested in the application.

The data is sufficient to check credit opportunities seriously and to submit suitable credit proposals. All online, without borrowers holding on time or raising false hopes.

Credit from private – serious without home visit or getting to know each other

Credit from private - serious without home visit or getting to know each other

The loan allows more personal initiative without a home visit from private. If you apply via Good Finance, potential lenders can of course contact the borrower personally.

All additional information is requested via the internal messaging system. Spam, like dodgy offers, filters out Good Finance and may block lenders with unfair intentions.

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