November 30, 2019

Ranking for loans in debt January 2020

The new year gives us a new chance to get an extra cash injection. Ranking loans for those in debt – January 2020 is support for people who do not know which company to choose. We have prepared a special list of companies that in our opinion have the best offer for people with debt.

Just select the appropriate company from the list below and complete the application on the lender’s website. Thanks to the special filtering option (upper right corner above the ranking), we can easily choose what interests us the most.

Good Credit – new in the ranking!


In January 2020, a new company appeared in our debt loans ranking . Good Credit provides loans regardless of the debt. It is a platform through which one application is sent to many lenders. The chance of accepting the application increases very much because the company asks many lenders at the same time.

There is no need to fill out many applications, where as a result after 10 minutes we get a refusal. At Good Credit, simply provide information in the required fields and wait for the decision. The initial acceptance can be obtained even a few seconds after the application is completed.

Loan without BIK – ranking of offers

Loan without BIK - ranking of offers

In the list above you can find loans without a loan . For people in the bases it will be the best solution to obtain a positive acceptance of the loan application. Regardless of our credit history, we have a chance to get a loan without BIK. These offers have been specially marked “WITHOUT BIK”. We can use the filter and select only those companies that interest us most.

Many loan offers without BIK offer an additional chance for those who applied for a banking institution and were rejected. Non-bank companies do not have to consider our negative entry. The ranking of loans for debtors for January 2020 was created for people in financial difficulties. BIK does not exclude the chance to get a loan. All you have to do is choose institutions that do not look at the debtors’ bases.

Loan and Credit – a loan with a guarantor for those in debt

Loan and Credit - a loan with a guarantor for those in debt

If we are very indebted and we applied for a loan in many companies, and we got a refusal everywhere, then a loan with a guarantor is a good solution for problems . Loan and Credit is the only company in the ranking of loans for debtors for January 2020 to grant loans as guarantor. In this case, the lender is not interested in our outstanding loans. Our guarantor’s credit history counts. It’s best if it was a person from the closest circle we trust. However, this is not a requirement.

The guarantor gives us a chance to borrow up to USD 25,000 for up to 60 months. Anyone can complete a simple application. The only minus is the time of verification of the guarantor. To get a loan with a guarantor, our guarantor must meet a number of requirements. His data will also be scanned in the debtors’ databases. If he has unpaid liabilities recently, there is no hope for a positive final. Therefore, when looking for a guarantor, it is best to choose a person who will be credible in the eyes of the lender.

Loans for those in debt for maintenance

Loans for those in debt for maintenance

The ranking of loans for debtors created for January 2020 may also be available to people who receive maintenance. A maintenance loan can help people in poor financial condition. It is also worth remembering that money from maintenance payments cannot be taken by a bailiff.

If maintenance is one of the sources of income to our account, please provide this information in your loan application. Most lenders in the January 2020 loans ranking accept maintenance as an additional source of income. In addition, 500+ can be included in income.

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